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This project seeks to proactively approach identified schools in need and offer workshops addressing some of the most neglected areas of school reform, particularly what a well supported music education program can do for the development and academic enhancement of students. The video you see above shows a sample of 100% student composed and performed original music, using my system from start to finished product. The level is elementary school, and it has been proven successful for as young as third grade students.

In an era in which special interest elitists and billionaires expound upon their wisdom on what makes good school reform, i.e. good students and good schools, it is shocking that there is rare mention of the one subject which can simultaneously address the development and coordination of brain learning processes, and that subject is music.

The system described here has been proven to be very effective in helping students with little or no musical background achieve musical milestones well beyond what they could have themselves envisioned.

There is also a segment later in this video to help fire up students in the school to the idea that they can compose real music no matter what their ability level. Even if they have absolutely no musical background whatsoever, they can have a composing project up and running the very first day.

Overcoming the Risks and Challenges: Although it is not difficult to integrate with other subjects, projects in music class which tie creative and critical thinking skills together can be mistakenly viewed as strange and foreign in a struggling school. This happens in some schools because they are often not recognized in the educational “templates” of today’s system of education. Successful performances and even award winning ratings at local music competitions risk being treated with indifference in some struggling public schools.
The creators of this program have studied with some of the best teachers in the country, picked the brains of many other teachers, and have been employed and immersed in the public education system in various positions such as reading and special education teacher for troubled youth. This also includes having coached successful public school basketball teams.
We are an independent organization that is not vulnerable to the pitfalls and entrenched stereotypical educational practices found in struggling schools. This is because our real and comprehensive public education experience allows us to provide preparation for each school’s staff and negotiate contracts for workshops which guarantee ahead of time positive learning conditions for the children.