About Childleadership.com

Mission Statement: To Partner With Parents To Identify & Develop Future Leaders
Why Children? Anyone who has ever worked with a group of young children  will find it difficult to deny that children seem to be born with an  inherent sense of right and wrong and empathy in their fellow human  beings, even the ability to discern justice and innocence.
Although they are certainly succeptible, children have overall been less exposed than their parents to the manipulative forces of marketing,  therefore there is less for them to unlearn. Sadly, this is still typically drummed out of them by our society and culture, and when the need to rebel kicks in, most children are steered into siding with the mob perspective rather  than principles based on truth.
It is essential for children to learn about the forces that seek to deceive them at an early age, for  propagandists find that teenage rebellion is an effective tool for reafirming and establishing propaganda, and take advantage of the fact  that many in this age group are easily impressionable.
Marketing  is a highly developed science, one that has never fully been  acknowledged in its effects in molding, influencing and shaping the  beliefs and opinions of nearly everyone alive today. This is also true  for their parents and grandparents, often going several generations  back. Often times it is too late for people to change their course in life as they are too firmly entrenched in their careers and trying to make a  living to do anything to change their current situation.
Perhaps you can give $100, $500 or $1000. Or a small donation of $10, $20, even $5 if that is all you can spare, will help continued research and development efforts to help our children back to the correct path of leadership training.
Our company is built on the principles of making quality educational child leadership products and providing reliable service.
Our product range continues to grow by following and addressing trends,  improving our standard products, and listening to the customer.
Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows  us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients